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In the second wa of the Kumulipo (a great genealogical chant of creation), amidst a host of other splendid sea creatures, emerges the puhi kauila (kauila eel), guarded by its land companion, the kauila tree. Could this pairing have to do with the use of these two things in magic? One story tells of the use of puhi kauila (Enchelycore pardalis) to heal as well as to bring harm. Also known as the Dragon Moray, this magnificent snake-like creature is a sight to behold. Its orange, red-brown, white and black markings and patterns are nearly as fascinating as its horns and nose appendages. Noted for its aggressive behavior, the puhi kauila is not one to be messed with. Still, aquarium traders eagerly ferret out this one-of-a-kind eel (a possible cause for its declining populations). It is found throughout the Pacific, but its numbers are falling in the main Hawaiian islands.