‘Ōpū Weuweu | Unisex Tee - creme - ALL SALES FINAL

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100% Organic cotton | Unisex tee | Designed in Hawaiʻi nei | Made in the USA

Kihi Poohiwi Umauma Uala Puka lima Lo'ihi
Shoulders Chest Bicep Arm Hole Back Length
S 17" 38" 14" 14" 25.5"
M 18" 44" 16" 14" 26.5"
L 19" 46" 16" 14" 27.5"
XL 20" 46" 17" 14" 28.5"
2XL 21" 48" 18" 15" 29.5"
3XL 21" 52" 20" 16" 30"

A love and respect for land, sea and the resources therein is a huge part of Hawaiʻi's natural heritage. So is a deep appreciation for open space, which seems to be in the very DNA of people born in the islands. For many of us, development is hard to stomach, especially the kind that creates exclusive spaces for the highly wealthy and ignores the needs of everyone else. Many new homes are nothing like the humble "plantation style" houses we know and love. Agricultural zoning used to be for actual farmers, but now high-priced parcels with lavish homes and a token banana patch or citrus grove somehow slide through as "ag lots" with cheaper water and lower tax rates. This is a far cry from the rural, agricultural lifestyle that is part of our collective history. Where is the balance point? This design asks landowners, developers, and policy makers to prioritize affordable housing and diversified agriculture and balance this with our need for open space (think about the 36,000 acres of A&B lands on Maui that will no longer be sugarcane). This design also invites people building their own homes to think about what makes Hawaiʻi unique and strive to maintain that. I wahi ōpū weuweu no kākou - Let us have a small clump of grass (a humble home).