Naulu | Long Sleeve - ALL SALES FINAL

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Long sleeve burnout | Organic cotton & poly | Loose-fitting | Designed in Hawaii | Made in the USA . 

The name Naulu is used throughout Hawaii for different rains, winds, and clouds. The Naulu that inspired this design originates from leeward Halealaka. In the late morning, the Naulu cloud bank begins to gather in the uplands of Honuaula, Maui. As the heat increases in lower Honuaula (Makena and Keoneoio ma) warm, moist air is pulled upward and condenses into clouds. The Moae Ku (strong trade wind) blows from the north, hitting that edge of the cloud bank. This same wind wraps around the other side of Haleakala, gains speed over the Alenuihaha channel, and creates a blustery wind on the southern edge of the cloud bank also known by the name Naulu, as well as Halemau. This converging of winds from the north and south drives the cloud bank out over the Alalakeiki channel, to Kahoolawe where it releases its rain on the once densely forested island, giving drink to the plants and the windblown earth. Ola hou ka aina i ka wai a ka naulu! - The land is revived by the water of the naulu! Extensive restoration work on both Kahoolawe and leeward Haleakala are helping the naulu cloud to nourish the land once again.