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100% Organic cotton | Eco-friendly | Designed in Hawaii | Made in the USA

Found throughout the world's oceans, flying fish (Parexocoetus brachypterus) are named for how they leap out of the water and fly in the air to escape predators. The deep ocean is their home, the kai malolo, as it was named by our kupuna who hauled them in by the hundreds after surrounding them with a whole fleet of canoes (pāhoe) and driving them into huge bag nets (hano malolo). To coordinate the effort, people shouted back and forth, hence the moniker "ka ia ua lua." A person known to jump from one lover to the next is likened to this slippery fish. You know, those deep, knowledgable types who are exceptional conversationalists, but can't be wrangled down? Their sleek, shiny bodies and beautiful transparent wings make these pulelehua (butterflies) of the sea hard to resist, but if you accept their flighty nature, you might be just fine. In flying fish form, our malolo spread their wings and glide over our design for the Naulu cloud that carries moisture from leeward Haleakala to Kahoolawe. Lele ka malolo me he manu la - The malolo fish flies like a bird.