Luanaaloha Dress | Puoleole - blue

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Another of our simple aloha dresses, this time with elastic at the top hem for a flexible fit up top. Worn on or off the shoulders.

100% cotton | Lace Accents | Pockets | Aina-friendly dyes & inks | Designed & manufactured in Hawaii

Kealopiko ALL Aloha is a line of clothing made entirely in Hawaii. Dyed, printed, and sewn by hand, these one-of-a-kind pieces cannot be replicated. The product you receive may vary slightly from the photos because each piece is unique! Made of 100% thin, soft cotton, garments should be cared for gently (machine wash, line or tumble dry). ALL Aloha apparel is filled with aloha from Kalamaula, Molokai. When you choose ALL Aloha, you support local, ethical, small-batch fashion.