Lehua | Tank bralette - cream *ASF*

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cotton/lycra blend | wide straps | square neckline | full coverage | lined | Designed in Hawaiʻi | Made in the USA

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Model is wearing a small.

ʻO ka launa mua ʻana o Hinaʻaiulunui lāua ʻo Kūʻaikauaakama, nā mākua o Haʻinakolo, aia nō ma ka wailele ʻo Hiʻilawe. Aia ʻo Kū i luna o ka pali a hoʻolei iho ʻo ia i ka lei lehua a me ka pōpō i lalo o ke kiʻowai, kahi e ʻauʻau nei ʻo Hina. Luʻu iho ʻo Hina a aea aʻe, kau ana ka lei ma kona poʻo. Eia kā Hoʻoulumāhiehie: “He aha lā hoʻi nei mea i pā iho nei i luna o koʻu poʻo?” A ma ia wā i piʻi koke aʻe ai kona mau lima e hāhā aʻe i ka mea kamahaʻo i pā iho ai i luna o kona poʻo. Ma ia lalawe ʻana aʻe o kona mau lima, aia hoʻi, pā aʻela kona mau manamana lima i nā lihilihi pua lehua, a lelehune ihola ka heleleʻi ʻana a ia mau lihilihi nani a lana ihola i luna o nā ʻaleʻale wai; a hoʻomaopopo ihola ia, he pāpahi lei lehua ka i hēkau iho ma luna o kona poʻo. “He keu kā hoʻi ka mea kupaianaha!” wahi āna i hoʻōho aʻe ai iā ia iho, “He pāpahi lei lehua kā paha hoʻi kēia i kau iho nei i luna o koʻu poʻo? Na wai lā hoʻi i hoʻolei iho nei i kēia lei ma luna oʻu?”...Me he mea lā i ʻoā ʻia aʻe ko ia nei mau maka, pā hou ana ko ia nei poʻo i kekahi mea, a hāʻule ana ma ko ia nei alo, he pōpō lehua. Lālau ihola kēia i ua pōpō lehua nei a honi ihola. ʻOiai kēia e hoʻomaumau ana i ka honi ʻana i ua pōpō lehua nei āna, ʻo ka wā ia i ʻō mai ai kekahi wāwae o kekahi ānuenue kupaianaha mai luna mai o ka wēlau pali, mai kahi mai o ke kanaka uʻi āna i ʻike aku ai, a poʻipū ihola i ke kiʻowai a ia nei e ʻauʻau ana. A ia manawa nō hoʻi kēia i ʻike aku ai i ka iho ʻana mai o ua kanaka malihini nei a ke kupaianaha ma loko o ke ānuenue.

Before Haʻinakolo could even become a twinkle in Hinaʻaiulunui’s eye, Kūʻaikauaakama had to ignite the spark of love in her. His first act of courtship is one that should never fade from the record of Hawaiian romance. It took place at the famous and beautiful waterfall known as Hiʻilawe, where the young chiefess would often bathe. One fine, clear day, Hina arrived at the pool and just as she was about to disrobe and enter the cool waters, she saw the reflection of a very attractive man in the pond. She looked up at the pali on the Hāmākua side of Waipiʻo and saw a man standing there, waving at her. Butterflies rose up in her as she waved back to him, then bravely removed her pāʻū and entered the water, knowing he could see her from afar, but thinking he would just continue on his way. She dove down and when she came back up, a lei lehua was sitting on her head. Amazed, she touched it and lehua stamens fluttered down onto the rippling water around her. Then she felt something else touch her head and a bouquet of lehua flowers fell in front of her. As she grabbed the beautiful bunch and inhaled its fragrance, she saw a rainbow come down from the top of the cliff and cover the pool and rocks nearby. Riding down in this rainbow came the incredibly handsome man, who touched down next to the pool and greeted Hina warmly. This first meeting of the young lovers lit a fire within Hina that immediately burned hot. For a fuller translation of this part of Haʻinakolo, visit Kealopiko Moʻolelo and look for the piece entitled Ka Pāpahi Lei Lehua.