He Aloha No Lono | Linen Kāne Longsleeve Aloha Shirt - teal - *ASF*

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100% organic Linen | Button down | Curved bottom edge | Coconut buttons | Designed in Hawaiʻi nei | Made in the USA 

Each piece is unique in its art placement. 

He Aloha No Lono Kihi Po'ohiwi Umauma 'Uala Lō'ihi
Longsleeve Kāne Aloha Shirt Shoulders Chest Bicep Back Length Arm Length
XS 18" 45" 16" 28" 24"
S 19" 47" 18" 29" 26"
M 20" 49" 20" 30" 26.5"
L 21" 51" 22" 32" 26.75"
XL 21" 53" 24" 32" 26.75"
2XL 22" 55" 25" 32.5" 27.5"
3XL 22.5" 57" 26" 33.5" 28.5"

He Aloha No Lono
Each Makahiki, we welcome Lono’s life-giving rains that feed the thirsty earth after Kū’s long, hot summer. From steady showers that nourish newly planted ‘uala to heavy downpours, Lono animates the weather during this time and we see his kinolau of lightning, thunder, rain and rainbows. His rains are often intense, cleansing the build up of the summer months. In the winter, Lono’s influence is surely a boon to Maui’s Nāulu cloud, a wind-powered conveyor belt system that takes warm, moist air generated over Honuaʻula mā out to Kanaloa (Kahoʻolawe) where it falls as rain. Here we pair Nāulu & Ipu to celebrate Lono and ask this season for the slow and steady release of water from his huewai lani to cool, cleanse, and soothe. So central was Lono to the daily wellbeing of our kūpuna that the ipu o Lono (gourd of Lono) was fed by the father of each family both morning and evening, an act of mahalo for the fertility this akua brings to the land, which continually nourishes the people. The hue wai pueo (a specific water gourd) was likened to a woman's body and her womb to an ipu inherited from the most remote ancestress. Like children, ipu were cultivated and tended with the utmost care. Māwaewae (ceremonies to clear the path) after the birth of a child involved eating three kinolau of Lono, bringing in his life-giving properties to forever be with the child and their family.

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