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100% organic cotton | Designed in Hawaii | Made in the USA

History is full of unsung heroes - people who accomplished phenomenal things we don't even realize affect our lives today. So it is with Timoteo Kamalehua Haalilio who, along with William Richards and George Simpson, carried out the most important international mission in our history: the quest for recognition of Hawaii as an Independent State. Of chiefly lineage, Haalilio became a companion for Kauikeaouli at 8 yrs old and lived his entire life in dedicated service to him. Highly educated, socially adept, and of sterling integrity, he was perfectly suited as a representative of his King and people. The 3 men traveled for 16 months to arrive at the day we now celebrate as La Kuokoa (Independence Day), November 28, 1843. On this cold day in London, Great Britain and France signed the Anglo-France proclamation (after the initial promise of recognition by America), recognizing Hawaii as an Independent State - the first non-European one to join the Family of Nations. While in London, Haalilio took original artwork to a professional engraver to create the coat of arms. While traveling back through America, Haalilio fell ill. On December 3, 1844, he died at sea on a ship bound for home. His arduous journey of more than 2 years and 4 months ended, his life a sacrifice for our sovereignty. Let us honor this man and remember his story. Let this bright beacon of the past guide us into the future. Ka Lehua Olino Mau - The ever-brilliant lehua.