Nohoanu | Scoop Neck Tee - ALL SALES FINAL

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Scoop neck | Hemp & Cotton | Designed in Hawaii | Manufactured in the USA

The higher a mountain is, the more perspective it offers and the more opportunities there are for uniqueness to spring up. Take Haleakala, for example. At 7,000 ft., stunning vistas of distant mountains and deep arching bays spread out toward the west. Turn 180 degrees and the rest of this 10,000+ foot volcano rises steep before you. The air is clean and crisp up this high and beautiful native plants abound. In this transition zone between barren rock and rainforest, rainfall is not very abundant, so Lilinoe, goddess of the mist, nourishes these plants with her noe (mist and fog). Amidst species such as pukiawe, aalii, ohelo and mamane, you will find the plant honored in this design: nohoanu (a.k.a. hinahina, Geranium cuneatum subsp. tridens). Its small white blossoms twinkle like stars. Its leaves are pale moonlight silver (an adaptation unique to high elevation plants), covered in fine silky hairs and tipped with three small teeth (tridens means "three teeth" in Latin). This lofty height is the only place in the world this species grows, but other species of Hawaiian geraniums can be found on the tall mountains of Hawaii and Kauai. There are 6 endemic species total, all bearing the name nohoanu. He ui mahinahina - A pale moonlight beauty.