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100% Organic cotton | Eco-friendly dye methods | Designed in Hawaii | Made in the USA

Hana ia me ke aloha ma Hawaii Nei - Made with love here in Hawaii. 

Vi. To come out of the earth as a spring or an outcrop of alaea dirt. Figuratively, to rise in revolt. (Pukui & Elbert). I alii ke alii i ke kanaka. This old saying reminds us that chiefs enjoy their position because of the people. Alii who treated their people well were dearly loved, as seen in the many stories, honorific songs and other acts of aloha by makaainana. Alii who abused their authority, however, were removed by the people. Halaea treated his fisherman terribly, so they overloaded his canoe with fish and it sank with him in it. Koihala trampled on the aloha of his people and was disappeared beneath a pile of stones. Holding leaders accountable carries over into the kingdom era. A South Kona representative spoke before the legislature in 1876 on his concerns about the growing kingdom debt. He said, "I Ahaolelo ka Ahaolelo i ka Lahui, I Kanawai ke Kanawai i ka Lahui, I Alii ke Alii i ke kanaka" - The Legislature is a Legislature by the People, The Law is the Law by the people, A chief is a chief by the people. The people will always rise up when those in power do not work in their best interest.