'Opihi | Onesie - light blue

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100% organic cotton | Designed in Hawaiʻi nei | Made in the USA

This iʻa (or food from the sea) is a nutritious and highly sought-after delicacy. Mary Kawena Pukui talks of Hawaiians removing the middle of the ʻopihi and mixing it with poi to feed to babies - a seriously nourishing and mineral-packed combination! There are 3 types of ʻopihi that are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. ʻĀlinalina, or the yellow foot limpet, lives at the low tide mark and its shell is used as a scraper. Makaiuli, the black-foot limpet, lives highest up on the rocks of all ʻopihi. Kōʻele, a.k.a. giant limpet, is the species that is always submerged in the ocean and its shell is often covered with limu and barnacles. Living in or near the intertidal zone often means rough water and ʻopihi have the ability to suction themselves down onto the rocks so as not to be swept away. This is probably the reason for the commonly heard saying "My little ʻopihi" in reference to a clinging child.